Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Health Target

Hey people! 1st November is here! It's nearing to year end, and there are still few goals to achieve (yikes!).

The past few months have been quite a journey, both personally & professionally. I just received my confirmation letter a few days ago from my employer (yay!), my dad did a blood transfusion about 2 weeks back (and yes, he's still diagnosed Leukemia), and also my husband and I went for a 2 weeks Europe backpacking trip in mid of September ( check out the updates in ).

Life was very fast-paced for the last couple of months. And so lead to a less healthier diet and lack of exercise (if any).

I did not think about it that way, until I wanted to participate in a blood donation drive held yesterday at Subang Parade, a shopping complex in Subang Jaya. I was denied after the blood test - the doctor said my blood pressure readings were too low to donate.

The doctor said it might be due to less water intake, but I also knew that there were other contributors as well. Having a consistently-at-the-lower-border blood pressure, I knew my blood pressure would drop when 1) I'm stressed out 2) forcing myself to do highly tiring activities 3) Not enough sleep.

With all of the above can't be avoided in daily lives, I have heard advices before to eat a balanced diet & exercise regularly to maintain the blood pressure. This was what I practised previously (which works!), until daily lives started to give in.

I have vowed to be back on my health track starting the 1st Monday in November (which is tomorrow!). I will update on my achievements and challenges. Nothing like committing what you do in a writing!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Goodbye Tesco, Hello PHN!

It's been a while since my last post. A lot of things happened since then: I got married, changed job, bought my parents' house, and my dad was diagnosed MDS/MPN - I got so overwhelmed, I don't know where to start! But I guess it's best for me to start with my new job, and go backwards from there.

I have left my Merchandise Planner job at Tesco and joined PHN Industry (subsidiary of DRB HICOM) as Supply Chain Management Senior Executive. It is a very challenging role, basically I'm working on a project to improve certain areas of the company's supply chain. Have to be very independent here, and have to be strong and gain knowledge from various people in various departments. I believe reading is a must, as you have to think how you can do further improvements.

Process-wise, definitely big difference from Tesco. Manufacturing and Retailing are way different industries, I really push myself to cope up with all the learnings! I am lucky enough to have such knowledgeable & co-operative people around me, so the journey of my learning curve will be less tough.

Environment-wise, superb! As they are encouraging people to go prayers early & fasting. Also have Islamic talk every month. Seems like the best place to change to a better person.

Overall, love the company, and I hope that I can progress and build my career with this company :-)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Singapore Trip - Day 1 (Malaysia & Changi International Airport)

Getting ready at 7.30 am on an off-day. Excited. this is my 1st time going to Singapore! What's best, I only have to pay for my flight ticket (which I found out later that THAT also will be sponsored ��).

Accommodation is ready as I just chip into my brother's stay during his business trip! �� Had to go to airport at 11 am, as my dad need to go for Friday prayers. But as I just remembered to change currency & left a few things at home, we went out at 11.45 instead. Sorry Ayah! ��

My flight would be at 3.35 pm. I thought I would just survive, but after a while, starting to feel bored~ So after ensuring the exact gate that I should be boarding, I decided to have some french fries with hot honey lemon at Old Town White Coffee. There's a seat by the window that overlooks the airplanes. ��

There was a slight flight delay, so the flight took off at roughly 4 pm. I got a seat by the window, so I am fortunate to watch the airplane fly above the Malacca Straights. I think I saw Avillion Port Dickson too ��

On top of that, my seat is also behind the wings of the airplane. I don't know whether I'm weird, but I like too observe how things work, like how aircrafts use the air breaks at its wings to lower its speed once touched down. ��

The flight arrived at Changi airport at 5 pm. Queued up for custom clearance and waiting for my $9 shuttle that will take me straight to Ritz-Carlton hotel. This shuttle takes to hotels in the city, and can be found at Ground Transport Desk. While waiting, I had a tasty peanut butter waffle & hot honey barley at Chinta Manis Peranakan Cafe! ��

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 2 - Arriving in London and around Walthamstow

I'm getting pretty slow at writing, aren't I? =) I arrived at Heathrow sometime at 6.45 am. Pretty much was an easy journey, but faced some obstacles at first. Firstly, my luggage combination lock refused to unlock. So there goes my first 5 Pound to buy a lock for my luggage. Then I started to transfer some items between bags and then went straight to the tube, just to remember that I left my gloves at the airport seat! And there goes the glove~ It's only my first 2 hours in the UK and I already felt like I'm having a bad day. I arrived at the Blackhorse Road station at about 9 am. I headed to the nearest bus stop, and stopped a black cab passing by. I was charged about 7 Pound, but hey, better than having to walk all the way. It was super cold~ Especially without gloves. Arrived at my brother's house in Mayfield Road at about 9.30 a.m. Though both he & my sis-in-law were working on that day, they made me feel very welcomed. Great Britain book with details on places to visit and maps highlighted (sorry bro, did not had the chance to visit the museum.. Was always distracted by other places on the way!), UK SIM card (Giffgaff which made sms between me, my bro & my sis free! And with 3G!) & not to forget the Oyster Card (pre-loaded, with a top up money given just in case it's not enough). Both of you made my stay ease & enjoyable. Thank you very much!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 2 - Transitting in Abu Dhabi

Ok, at the time i am writing this, I am actually in Day 4, particularly visiting an art museum in Rome. Although I saved in my iTouch first before publishing it when I got back to Malaysia. =p but nevertheless, I'll still be updating what I did day by day. =)

I stopped in my last post before I arrived to Abu Dhabi for transit. Let's start from there! =)

If I'm not mistaken, my time of arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport was at 11.30 pm, Abu Dhabi time. My flight was suppose to be at 3 am, so I have plenty of time to look around.

I don't really stop at every store, but I did stopped at a particular store because I saw many books (yes, I'm a book freak). I was thinking of just reading then & there when suddenly 3 travel books caught my eye: 1) Berlitz pocket guide for London 2) Lonely Planet Rome Discovery 3) Italian Phrasebook.

And yes, knowing that I was an impulse buyer (especially books!), I spent a total of £30 on those 3 books. Sigh~ but yeah, it did help me to focus on what I want to do, especially in London.

Btw, FYI, for people who don't know me that well, I won't be visiting all that the book suggested. I choose some of it, combined with online or Trip Advisor sources, to get the best itinerary for me. I enjoy walking at slow pace, taking in the scenery, eventhough it's just a small park! I like to observe people, how they dress, what they eat, the way they do things, etc. Let's just say I'm a younger version of my dad. =)

Going back to the trip, I went to wait for my flight at the gate after buying the books. There was a coffee shop in front of the gate. Was thinking of buying whatever was famous from the shop, but then I realised that I had spent £30 on books. Time to save~ So I resort for a mineral water instead.

Flight was at 3 am. Nothing much to say about this flight as I decided to sleep all the way so that I'll be fresh when I arrived at London at 6.45 am.

We finally reach London at 7 am with outside temperature of minus 4 @_@.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 1 - Flying to Abu Dhabi

It's been a long day. Wake up very early in the morning, went to office to settle some works (Yes, on the day I was suppose to be on leave, voluntarily - unbelievable). Manage to finish the important, but of course, many of them is still there. I decided to listen to my friend's advice: work never finish.

So i got home pretty early. Reached home by 11 something. Had small talk with my parents & sis before I went for packing (yes, I just started to seriously pack a few hours before flight, and I'm packing for winter!). My dad told me to build some to-bring list, but I ended up googled it, and only read it halfway. =p

We left for the airport at almost 5. A bit jammed up, but better than we go any later. Reached the airport at about 6 pm, which is still early as my flight will be at 8.25. My dad was thinking of having some Teh Tarik at outside mamak, until we weighted our bags and my hand luggage seem to be far off. Transferring things happen, then we checked in & everything settled by 7. There goes Teh Tarik outside.

Since my dad is so against the RM6 teh tarik at a cafe near the gate, we ended up having some refreshments at the foodcourt instead. I was so hungry, but I was advised by a friend to save the stomach for the good Etihad food. And so I did.

My boarding time was 7.25, so we had very brief time at the foodcourt before I went for the gate. I reached my designated gate just in time to join the long que. Sigh~ but yeah, i killed time by whatsapping, facebooking & the likes. I just love technologies. They made my travel waiting time less boring, not like the old days. =)

Once I got to my sit, I was feeling highly excited for the trip. Can't wait to see Abu Dhabi's airport (although it's just for transit.. My last transit at Bahrain a few years ago was awesome, scenery wise - airport was really beside the sea!). But this time flight is at night, so I guess not much scenery when we land for transitting.

I think the plane was good. It has USB port, internet cable port (well, it looks like it) and most important, power point! I guess I'll be charging my phone after the transit. =D

Each seat has its own screen, so was pretty good compared to the one I boarded when I went to Beijing last time. I think it was MAS, but then maybe it was their old plane. I managed to watch 2 movies (Hotel Transylvania & ParaNorman =D) before my ears started to feel kinda uneasy. So i took a nap instead, which only lasted for a while. I don't usually sleep in travel time. So I decided to blog. =p

Food served was good. I had chicken tagine with vegetable briyani & roasted courgettes as the main course. I have no idea what those are, but they tasted good. And the best thing of all, they have tomato juice! Yeyy~

We'll be having another 1 hour 27 minutes to Abu Dhabi, so I guess I'll get myself a bit of nap. It'll be a few hours transit at Abu Dhabi. @_@