Sunday, October 21, 2012

Time Spent Doing Nothing is a Time Well Spent =)

Excited to get myself writing (or more towards afraid that my writing mood will fly away), I decide to write again, though nothing much to be shared today. The day started off with my head feeling dizzy, forcing myself to write essay for my P1 Governance, Risk & Ethics paper, only to find my niece come to me, and do drawings (or I should just say doodling) of her own 3 pages! Gag, there goes my essay, decided to doodle with her instead. And yesterday I did mention that my dad want to bring me for a walk early in the morning. Plan was changed, we went out at about 10 a.m., bringin my niece together to Taman Jaya. It has been a long time since I last went to any parks, so it feels good to be back to place with many trees. Brings back my memories when I was studying in Cyberjaya time. Infact, it feels good to actually have a nice stroll with my family. My niece, being so aggressive, was running all the way, without falling (and she's only 1 year 10 months! =) Doing these and spending my time home all day long today makes me think that, really, a time not-spent doing things is actually a time well-spent. I use my time today to have small talks with my dad, entertaining (or rather being entertained by) my niece, feeling relaxed and fresher towards the night. I decided that if I am to start studying again, it would be tomorrow onwards. I was thinking of starting "The Hobbit", but I decided to postpone it, as I know I have a novel-holic problem. Non-stop reading. Better start my studying first, then only I'll look into the novel. But am more than sure that it's going to be a very awesome story! =D

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Birthday Resolution? =)

It has been a long time since I last blogged or keep journal. Busy-ness has always been the Number 1 excuse in every aspect of my life. Now I'm stuck with lack of exercise, unable to recall my foreign languages, declining flair of writing, and I suspect that my public speaking skills must've gone way down. Have I mentioned that I don't remember where I put my coins & notes albums? Oh, and my shelf is full of to-be-read books, and my list of to-watch movies keep expanding. Now, if I have give up all these for myself, don't you think I have given up time for my family and friends too?

I just had a conversation with my dad. He gave me a pretty good advice. Yes, my life has been so tight, with a full time job, part time job & part time studies. But that is not an excuse to have a balanced and relaxed life. He mentioned that if I don't find a way to make all these less stressful, I'll find myself getting sick & tired frequently, which I already have.

The 1st mission my dad is planningis to take a stroll with my dad tomorrow morning. Luckily my PMR student have finished his classes and I finally have a free Sunday morning. Yeyyy~ ^o^ I know my dad knows that I'm lack of stamina, so I think he'll slow down a bit tomorrow. =p

Next I was thinking to take up my reading habbit again. Yes, I do read all those serious ACCA notes everyday, but what I meant was taking something light for my reading. Taking up a novel, for instance. I think my last novel was The Hunger Games triology, which I read back in July. I've bought 2 more novels since, plus a few that I bought years back. Really looking forward at least to finish another by end of next month.

Also to keep this reading habbit, I'm thinking of joining a book club, or at least organise one. But considering my work commitment, tuition classes & ACCA studies, i think travelling can be very taxing to me. I might as well use my free time to hang out with my family, or mamak-ing with friends. A great stress-free activity! =D

So I was thinking to do 2 things instead: 1) to write blogs 2) to keep a journal, which meant to be more personal. Whoever knows me would know that I don't like to expose my personal life in public. I believe internet is where you should spread the positivities! =D

And then there's foreign language learning, which Spanish will be the 1st to be assessed by my brother (yikes, I told him I would start brushing up my Spanish again this week)! And of course, the casual Javanese conversed with my sister & dad once in a while. Am really excited to start back!

And yeah, I was thinking of reducing my side commitments next year, devoting more time for family, friends & my hobbies. Can't wait to try new recipes, trying DIY's arts & crafts I've been reading in magazines, and above all, going for holidays & travelling!

Hopefully all these plans will come true. Ameen~ =)

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