Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 2 - Transitting in Abu Dhabi

Ok, at the time i am writing this, I am actually in Day 4, particularly visiting an art museum in Rome. Although I saved in my iTouch first before publishing it when I got back to Malaysia. =p but nevertheless, I'll still be updating what I did day by day. =)

I stopped in my last post before I arrived to Abu Dhabi for transit. Let's start from there! =)

If I'm not mistaken, my time of arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport was at 11.30 pm, Abu Dhabi time. My flight was suppose to be at 3 am, so I have plenty of time to look around.

I don't really stop at every store, but I did stopped at a particular store because I saw many books (yes, I'm a book freak). I was thinking of just reading then & there when suddenly 3 travel books caught my eye: 1) Berlitz pocket guide for London 2) Lonely Planet Rome Discovery 3) Italian Phrasebook.

And yes, knowing that I was an impulse buyer (especially books!), I spent a total of £30 on those 3 books. Sigh~ but yeah, it did help me to focus on what I want to do, especially in London.

Btw, FYI, for people who don't know me that well, I won't be visiting all that the book suggested. I choose some of it, combined with online or Trip Advisor sources, to get the best itinerary for me. I enjoy walking at slow pace, taking in the scenery, eventhough it's just a small park! I like to observe people, how they dress, what they eat, the way they do things, etc. Let's just say I'm a younger version of my dad. =)

Going back to the trip, I went to wait for my flight at the gate after buying the books. There was a coffee shop in front of the gate. Was thinking of buying whatever was famous from the shop, but then I realised that I had spent £30 on books. Time to save~ So I resort for a mineral water instead.

Flight was at 3 am. Nothing much to say about this flight as I decided to sleep all the way so that I'll be fresh when I arrived at London at 6.45 am.

We finally reach London at 7 am with outside temperature of minus 4 @_@.

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