Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Health Target

Hey people! 1st November is here! It's nearing to year end, and there are still few goals to achieve (yikes!).

The past few months have been quite a journey, both personally & professionally. I just received my confirmation letter a few days ago from my employer (yay!), my dad did a blood transfusion about 2 weeks back (and yes, he's still diagnosed Leukemia), and also my husband and I went for a 2 weeks Europe backpacking trip in mid of September ( check out the updates in ).

Life was very fast-paced for the last couple of months. And so lead to a less healthier diet and lack of exercise (if any).

I did not think about it that way, until I wanted to participate in a blood donation drive held yesterday at Subang Parade, a shopping complex in Subang Jaya. I was denied after the blood test - the doctor said my blood pressure readings were too low to donate.

The doctor said it might be due to less water intake, but I also knew that there were other contributors as well. Having a consistently-at-the-lower-border blood pressure, I knew my blood pressure would drop when 1) I'm stressed out 2) forcing myself to do highly tiring activities 3) Not enough sleep.

With all of the above can't be avoided in daily lives, I have heard advices before to eat a balanced diet & exercise regularly to maintain the blood pressure. This was what I practised previously (which works!), until daily lives started to give in.

I have vowed to be back on my health track starting the 1st Monday in November (which is tomorrow!). I will update on my achievements and challenges. Nothing like committing what you do in a writing!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Goodbye Tesco, Hello PHN!

It's been a while since my last post. A lot of things happened since then: I got married, changed job, bought my parents' house, and my dad was diagnosed MDS/MPN - I got so overwhelmed, I don't know where to start! But I guess it's best for me to start with my new job, and go backwards from there.

I have left my Merchandise Planner job at Tesco and joined PHN Industry (subsidiary of DRB HICOM) as Supply Chain Management Senior Executive. It is a very challenging role, basically I'm working on a project to improve certain areas of the company's supply chain. Have to be very independent here, and have to be strong and gain knowledge from various people in various departments. I believe reading is a must, as you have to think how you can do further improvements.

Process-wise, definitely big difference from Tesco. Manufacturing and Retailing are way different industries, I really push myself to cope up with all the learnings! I am lucky enough to have such knowledgeable & co-operative people around me, so the journey of my learning curve will be less tough.

Environment-wise, superb! As they are encouraging people to go prayers early & fasting. Also have Islamic talk every month. Seems like the best place to change to a better person.

Overall, love the company, and I hope that I can progress and build my career with this company :-)