Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Master Your Memory --> Wonder If It Works for Me =p

Hmmm.. Not bad, x sampai sebulan since my previous post. Ade improvement! =p Anyhows, I don't have much of a free time with all the works & studies.. Even if I do have time, I'll spend it on watching movies, going out with friends, or simply reading some good books. It's devastating to have the fact that I can't finish reading my not-so-thick books yet. Haihh.. Starting to miss my years of finishing 700-pages books in 5 days.. Dunno why I don't have that spirit anymore...

I'm actually in the middle of doing my work. Converting all the manual accounting data of a company to a computerized version using MYOB. I guess I'm underestimating the workload.. Years of learning accounting and actually put it into practice when I was the Treasurer of a club & events some time ago, I always thought that I could finish any task in just 1 day or 2. But having this work proves me wrong. He he. Never underestimate any problems that you face --> something I learnt when I watched Sailor Moon~~ ^o^

So, since I want to take my mind off the work, I've decided to write. But this time, I'm writing with no purpose. Ha ha. I can't even think of a topic yet. =p But of course, I always think of a topic AFTER I start to write. I guess I'm not really good at planning, huh? =p

Anyhows, since I have started writing, I might as well share with all of you on a chapter of Tony Buzan’s book that I have read, which is titled Master Your Memory (and I still haven't finished reading this book yet =p). One thing I like about Tony Buzan and Stephen R. Covey is that both of them encourage readers to teach others on the lessons learnt from the book. They really want to share their knowledge to people, and they really want people to share the knowledge they have gained with people around them. Talk about passion in teaching. They are among those people whom I have always looked up to, and who I always want to be like someday. =)

The chapter that I would like to share from the book is a very2 basic thing for us to use our brain to memorise things. Tony gave a very simple test on naming the planets in our galaxy system in its order. This test looks simple, and I sort of like want to skip it, as I have always remembered the names of the planets by heart since I was in Standard 4, thanks to the Sailor Moon comic books. =p But when I tried to answer the test, I realize that my ability to memorise all the names according to their order is deteriorating. I was well-versed in the first four planets, but I started to confuse the order of planets starting from Jupiter to Pluto. So, I guess Sailor Moon don’t really help us to remember in order, huh? =p As I continued reading, Tony gave a very interesting tip for us to remember the order of planets. Here are a few paragraphs of his quote from the book:

“In order to memorise the Planets for life, you are going to use a Linking System, in conjunction with your imagination, to create a linked and fantastic story. If you follow it carefully and completely, it will be harder for you to forget than to remember!
Imagine that in front of you, where you are currently reading, is a glorious SUN. See it clearly, feel its heat, and admire its orange / red glow. Imagine, next to the Sun, a little (it’s a little Planet) thermometer, filled with that liquid metal that measures temperature: MERCURY.
Imagine that the sun heats up, and eventually becomes so hot that it bursts the thermometer. You see all over the desk or floor, in front of you, tiny balls of that liquid metal Mercury. Next you imagine that, rushing in to see what happens, and standing by your side, comes the most beautiful little goddess. Colour her, clothe her, perfume her, and design her as you will. What shall we call our little goddess? Yes, VENUS!
You focus so intently on Venus with all your senses, that she becomes almost a living physical reality in front of you. You see Venus play like a child with the scattered Mercury, and finally manage to pick up one of the mercury globules. She is so delighted that she throws it in a giant arc way up in the sky (which you see, as light glistens off it throughout its journey), until it hurtles down from on high and lands in your garden with a gigantic ‘thump’!, which you both hear and feel as a bodily vibration. And on what planet is your garden? EARTH.
Because of the power of her throw, and the height of the arc, when the globule lands it creates a small crater which sprays earth (EARTH) into your neighbour’s garden. In this fantasy you imagine that your neighbour is a little (it’s a little Planet), red-faced (it’s a red Planet), angry and war-like character carrying a chocolate bar in his leading hand! And who is this God of War? MARS.
Mars is furious that earth has gone into his garden, and is just about to attack you when, striding on to the scene, comes a giant so large and powerful that he shakes the very foundations (and you must feel them) of where you are. See him standing a hundred feet tall, and make him as real as you made Venus. He tells Mars to calm down, which Mars immediately does, for this new giant, with a giant cow-lick ‘J’ on his forehead, is your best friend as well as being the king of gods, the fifth Planet: JUPITER.
As you look up to the hundred-foot-high Jupiter, you see the word ‘SUN’ emblazoned in flashing gold letters across the giant T-shirt on his enormous chest. Each of these gigantic letters stands for the firs letter of each of the next three big Planets of the Solar System: SATURN, URANUS, and NEPTUNE.
Sitting on Jupiter’s head, barking his little heart out with humour because he thinks the episode has been so hilarious, is a little (little because the Planet is so small) Walt Disney dog by the name of PLUTO.”

Interesting way of remembering, isn’t it? I have tried and get the whole planet thing in order with only 1 run after imagining this story. I’m sure all of you can too. Just let your imagination flow and have fun in learning… You will never forget the order after this! =)