Thursday, May 6, 2010

Enjoy All Your Problems! ^_^

It's been quite some time since my last post. Been very busy with assignments, mid-terms, part-time jobs, finals.. and I have finally done doing everything! yeyy~ No more exams and assignments for me~~ =D Throughout the past few months, my energy seems like draining out.. But I know that I have to do everything perfectly. So maybe because of my busy life, I have disassociate myself from petty problems. Of course, everyone has problem. And as a girl, some little things can be exaggerated into a big problem - we have that special tendency of seeing little things in a big way. So I guess girls might be better than guys in thinking big, if only we applied that in work life. He he.

I, too, am not an exception of this way of thinking. I tend to think about little things a lot, and little problems suddenly seems very big to me. It's a tendency for girls, I suppose. But friends, never be deceived by the fact that we have some natural personality that flows in the blood or just natural human nature. According to the author of 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, Steve Chandler, personality is not something that we inherit, but it's our reaction to the environment. It's what we saw and learnt from the environment, and thus, we developed a personality that could blend and adapt well to the environment. That's why people can change if they want to. =)

Infact, today's post will focus on a topic that I found interesting in the book 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. I choose motivation number 46: Enjoy All Your Problems. Maybe this topic is chosen because there are a lot of my friends that I see are stressed out for examinations, as well as facing some problems. So, let me share something that I have learnt in this book to all of you. =)

In this topic, Chandler explained a lot about problems and solutions. Every solution has problem. Without problem, there will be no solution. So, we should never say we hate problems, because it boosts our mind to conduct creative thinking. It helps us to become a better person. For example, during our school years.. do you think that math problems that the teachers gave us as homeworks are big problems that we can never solve? Or do you agree with me that if we develop a positive thinking and a willing to learn attitude, as well as a tendency to love to solve those kinds of problems a lot, we can answer even the hardest algebraic questions?

So you see, problems are not to be feared. Problems are not curses. Problems are simply tough games for the athletes of the mind, and true athletes always long to get a game going. Here is something that I would like to extract from the book that I think will benefit all of us:

One of the best way to approach a problem is in a spirit of play, the same way you approach a chess game or a challenge to play one-on-one playground basketball. One of my favourite ways to play with a problem, especially one that seems hopeless, is to ask myself, "what is a funny way to solve this problem? What would be a hilarious solution?" That question never fails to open up fresh new avenues of thought.
"Every problem in your life," said Richard Bach, author of Illusions, "carries a gift inside it." He is right. But we have to be thinking that way first, or the gift will never appear.
If you see your problems as curses, the motivation you're looking for in life will be hard to find. If you learn to love the opportunities your problems present, then your motivational energy will rise.

Now, isn't that just amazing? How you can just see problems as a way that you're excited to solve. I love this part of book very much, that whenever I saw a problem, I tried to see it in a way of how I could solve it so that it would have a positive turn-around effect on me.. And guess what? It works! So, for everyone out there, let's get excited about facing problems and solve it! After all, it's just another math or sudoku problem to be solved. ;)