Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beijing Tour - Part 1

It's been a long, long time since my last post. And now I make a come-back reviewing on my tour trip! He he. Good thing, though, considering that I never write anything about my travels before. Such a waste! now, I'm starting a habit to treasure all the memories in writings (and pictures of course.. but please refer facebook =p).

My trip to Beijing was not a long-planned. It's just that when I came back from seeing Taj Mahal at India December last year, I was thinking to go to see the next Wonders of the World (which I thought was only 7 in this world, but then the list goes on and on until I can't remember which is the original one). My original plan was to see the pyramid, but considering the political situation over there, I changed my mind. And voila, I decided to go to see the Great Wall! =D

And so I searched for the best offers for the trip. AirAsia Go offers the cheapest tour, of course. And I know the tour should be somewhat satisfiable, as I had a good trip to the Golden Triangles of India with AirAsia Go. But because during that time (I planned my trip in May) the only trip available for Beijing Muslim Tour via AirAsia Go is in November, I decided to search for some tour agencies. November is early winter in China, but I'm not sure how cold it can be.. But I heard it snows over there, so I decided not to take the November trip. Oh, FYI, I so-not stand cold weathers. My skin doesn't react well with it.

I search and search, found some good ones that offers affordable prices, and finally I found Apple Muslim Holiday. As people who know me very well would know, I always make a thorough background check on things that I would spend my money on. So I checked out the website of Apple Holidays, read the tour description and how reliable it is, peeked on the tour leaders' blogs to see proof of satisfactory tours.. Oh, and of course, bought travel magazines to see whether the Company had contributed any reviews or tips in the magazines. And yes, I have seen the Company several times in several different magazines, so I guess they should be reliable. And so I decided to book a trip with Apple Muslim Holiday.

And with that, I have not regret my decision. I had an enjoyable trip, making new friends and most of all.. had fun! (yeah, it's fun to laugh about the silly things during the trip and gossiping about it in the bus =p)Food? Worth the portion, but the taste is somewhat okay2 la.. But I loooovvvveee the roasted duck, though!

Review of the trip? That would be other parts in my post. Had to stop writing as I will have to get enough rest to go to work tomorrow (that's right, no break after the trip).

Overall, Beijing was great! And I wouldn't mind going back there again~ ;)