Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dreams and Plans: for Life or for Death?

It's been a while since my last update... No, delete that. I think it's more to "it's been a LONG TIME since my last update". =p Life has been quite a turn-around so far from the last time I wrote. Of course, the downsides are still not changing, but it has made me go for some alternatives to resolve it, or at least lessen the burden. So that's why even I only take 2 subjects this semester (and yes, I've taken all the other subjects. =D), my life has been quite busy. Especially with the current job of tutoring people. Currently am teaching SPM subjects for Accounts and Chemistry, and insya-Allah if everything goes well, this coming school holiday, will be teaching a PMR student on BM, English, Science and Math as well. Nope, I never feel any burden with this job. Of course, it will take some of my time and energy, but it is better than I spend my free hours doing nothing. And furthermore, I love teaching people! It makes me feel good to help other people to understand their lessons. =)

Before I got those tuition jobs, I had previously applied for the Part-Time TeleSurvey Executive at DataCom through JobStreet. Since I've applied earlier in January and did not receive any prompt reply up till early February, I guess I just didn't get the chance to work with them, and so I search for any tuition jobs and finally get one. Alhamdulillah... And to my surprise, during middle of February, the people from DataCom contacted me for interview... Eventhough I'm considering on using my free times for tuition opportunities, but I guess there's no harm in going for interviews, right? Furthermore, the DataCom interview was expected to be tough, as I will have to go through a number of tests: English, typing, aptitute and accent. And mind you, only those who scored above 80% for each test will get the chance to go for the next test. It's quite scary, but I just love challenges! And I love to gauge my capabilities. So yeah, I just go for it... And I was called for the aptitude test! Yippee~~ But the aptitude test was rather tough... So I'm not sure whether they'll call me for the accent test. He he. But I guess I just love doing those tests. =D

As for internship, I have secured a place in Parker Randall, a company situated in Phileo Damansara I. To me, it's a very nice audit firm to spend my internship period. I like the layout of the office, the working environment, the people, the flexibility of dress and shoes. He he. But overall, I like the managers there. Serious on business stuff, but very friendly when business is done. And they also replied promptly on my emails, which shows how they are dedicated to have good relationship with people, especially their current and potential employees. And furthermore, Kak Yong was also accepted! Yippee~~ Can't wait to start work on June! =D

Going through a number of interviews and involved in a few jobs this year, I have slowly think of the direction I'm heading to. I start to see what kinds of job I'm interested at, my strengths and weaknesses, my family priority, and what further studies that best suit my plans. In short, I have constructed a dream, but a dream that I want more than anything to pursue after I graduated. It's still vague, yeah, since I am currently still studying and still searching what really interest me among all those that I'm interested at, but I have the general idea from all the academics that I've learnt throughout my four years doing the Bachelor's degree at MMU. The utmost appreciation is of course to my father, who had seen everything before I see it. He was the one who can see through all my strengths and weaknesses, and which field would benefit me when add up to my strengths and capabilities. It was not until the final year of my degree that I finally see what he sees in me and my future. Love you, Ayah! ^_^

In a nutshell, I guess life is all about plans, and how determined you are to achieve it. But to Muslims, we also must guide our plans with the main thing in mind: the purpose we are living.

I only created jinn and man to worship Me. (Qur'an, 51:56)

This means that no matter how busy we are, we should remember that Allah created man for a single purpose: to serve Him by living by His precepts. So we should never leave this out when we are planning for our future, as one of the main thing that will be sure to happen to us in the future is death. So we also must be prepared for that. Even some of non-Muslim noted motivational speakers and authors had made it clear that dreaming of death is the best point where we could start planning our future. Take Jeff Davidson, for example. In his book "Reinventing Yourself", Jeff started with a "future" newspaper article about his death and how people relived his "desired" achievements in the article. It's really inspiring to visualise what people will write on newspaper articles about you when you are dead, don't you think? =)

Another example would be of Steve Chandler in his book "100 Ways to Motivate Yourself". Guess what was the first motivation of the hundred? It's "Get on Your Deathbed"! Steve had written that when you are dying, you will think of a lot of things that you should have done and said. You will have a lot of regrets: in your life, work, family, friends... So instead of regretting this later in life when we are dying, why not we visualise the scene and do whatever we can to prepare for it? It would help to save the teardrops in the future, and who knows, maybe we could even die smiling. ;)

Wallahu a'lam.