Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st iTouch Blogging!

Hi people~ this is just a testing of my 1st blogging using iTouch. He he. Really thinking of seriously getting back to blogging, but i just can't think of a topic. I guess not writing for a long time really makes my ideas dry. @_@ ok, need to have my dinner. C u next time~

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My life in 1 Year

2011 is gone.. Now comes 2012.. And yet my blog updates can still be counted by fingers. He he. 2011 had been a great journey for me.. Something almost unforgettable.

It started with my employment at Tesco on 13th January 2011 as Graduate Trainee - Commercial. A lot, and I repeat, A LOT people asked me why did I choose Commercial line. Why didn't I go for Finance or Accounting-related jobs? Why didn't I go for audit firms, especially when I was personally invited by the big boss to continue working there after I graduated?

To tell you the truth, I had no idea myself. Yes, I enjoyed accounting very much, and the professional life I learnt from there. But there is a part of me that want to explore what else am I capable of. And I want to explore the jobs where I won't have to meet those formal.documents, yet still deals with what I'm fond the most: numbers. And that's what Tesco offered me: to join their Graduate Trainee - Commercial program in the Merchandise Planning role.

When I first went interview for the Graduate Trainee - Commercial position, I had no idea what Commercial Department is. When I was briefed and accepted as an employee there, then I know that this is the money-making department of the company. The hardcore of retail, as without this department, you won't have anything on shelf to sell. And it is with this department that people enjoys the low prices offered at Tesco.

But let me tell you specifically what I did. In the Merchandise Planning role, you are very highly answerable to anything related to stocks of the departments that you handle.

In detail? Come and work here yourself. We do have some openings in the Merchandise Planning function, and Commercial department as a whole. ;-)

Bye for now. Hope my next entry will be some time very soon. =)

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