Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Patience is gold! =)

Hi Readers! It’s been quite some time since I last updated my blog. After giving a few thoughts, I have decided to spend some time sharing views at my blog so that I can always keep it updated. So this post is going to be very brief. And what I plan to share today is regarding a chapter from a book titled “Di Sebalik Diri”.

But first, let me tell you some things about the book. This book caught my attention in the bookstore previously because of its simple yet useful contents. It tells us about the good and bad values that are common to every person on this Earth: our natural personality. It advices us on what personalities to develop, and what personalities to get rid. It tells all the how-to’s. And best of all, it gives abstracts from the Quran and Sunnah for us to ponder upon. Aside from getting new knowledge on self development, we can read the abstracts from Quran as well. Now, isn’t that just a 2-in-1 package?

Back to the chapter that I intended to share, the chapter is about “Sabar” or patience. Being patient is not my best value. Infact, I always get so angry on very little things. I realise that I am very temperamental – at one time I can be on a very good, sunny mood, and at one time, I can just get mad over some pitty things. Some might say that it is a natural personality, but in my personal opinion, personality is not something that we’re born with. We shape our personality to adapt to the environment that we’re living in. We show our personalities when we start to grow up. Therefore, it is not impossible (though it would be very hard) for us to change ourselves.

In this chapter, it gives us examples on how Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H deals with his everyday life. How he abstain from anger when he was faced with the most difficult people, how he keep on moving just when everyone else is not listening. It’s just marvellous! Just as I have tried to apply Chapter 1 in my everyday life (chapter 1 is about “Istiqamah” or consistency), I would love to try to apply this in my everyday life. So friends, if you ever see me being less patient after this, please remind me of the chapter I’ve read. ;)

Oh, and how I said this post would be very brief. You know how I can’t stop when I start writing. He he. I will make sure I keep my blog updated (part of the “Istiqamah” work plan) =p. See you in the next post! ^_^