Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are We Healthy?

Wow. 4 months since the last post. Nak kata bz, x jugak. Ha ha. I guess I just don't have the urge to write yet, although da quite a few books that i've finished reading. Pemalas betul nak update blog. =p

Life is so far great.. But academically, not up to my expectations.. Health-wise okay, fit-wise still not achieving the target. he he. Life is as normal as it has always been.. Am trying to improve myself day by day, tapi bile 1 day improve, the next day went back 1 step. Ha ha. Bile la nak berubah kalau cani.. =p

Anyhows, today's post will be more on health topics.. What with the H1N1 and all the people that I've visited at hospitals.. I hope all my friends, family, and their family members who were sick are recovering well by now.. And I hope that all the family members of those who were sick learn a lot of the nature of the patients' sickness, and do their best to help the patients recover and at the same time they too must learn how to prevent themselves from getting that very same disease. =)

Since my sister's wedding, there are quite a few people that I have visited at hospital.. There's Mina with her ruptured blood vessels around her nose area.. There's Aisyah with her mom suspected and confirmed to have TB.. And there's Achik with heart attack.. oh, and most recently, Kak Jot hospitalised for Athma.. Wow, with this lot of people being hospitalised, I myself have started to be health-conscious with what I eat, and how I eat.. But controlling what I eat is quite hard, as I still like those kerang, paru and all.. But I have decided to minimise all the fast-food and oily food. and I start to minimise my intake of iced drinks (thanks to a friend who have advised me frequently ;)). Tapi once in a while, tempted gak nak minum iced drinks. He he. But da x slalu cam dulu.. =) And about how I eat, dulu I like to share my food & drinks with other people.. but nowadays, with all the H1N1, bla bla bla things.. I started to hesitate for a while to share with a non-family member. I don't know whether this hesitation is a good thing or bad.. But precaution measures still have to be taken, right? =)

As for myself, I have a risk (risk je, belum betul2 kena) of having low blood pressure. I get dizzy when I get up from the floor, and sometimes from the chair or from lying down.. Even kadang2 tgh dari tunduk tiba2 nak pandang atas, bleh dizzy kejap. When I did a free medical check-up August last year, they have said that my blood pressure is betul2 at the line between normal and low, so I have to take precautions. And when I ask the doctor to check again this year, they say the same thing. I have to get myself active to increase my blood pressure, but I also should not force myself too much, as I will get easily tired. Oh, and another thing, ada doc cakap saye mungkin x cukup makan.. So I have to take in a lot of nutrinious food.. Biar betul aku x cukup makan, rase cam da gemok. Ha ha. Maybe what she meant is x cukup nutrients kot.. So kena makan banyak healthy food. =) Ayah cakap mase muda2 de camtu gak.. The same symptom of dizziness. Tapi sejak de masuk army, symptom tu da hilang. He said maybe because of the healthy lifestyle dalam army tu kot.. Because they will always have strength activities and are served nutritiounos food. So I guess I should have lifestyle like an army la kot. =p

Another thing that I have to do is to have regular intakes of 500mg Vitamin C supplements.. This is due to mase kecik2 my legs slalu lebam tanpa sebab. Doc cakap, I might have vain yg x kuat, so de galakkan amek Vitamin C 500mg when I was darjah 3 camtu.. The Vitamin C intake for normal kids mase tu was 250mg, so I have to take double the intake. Thus, bile da besar ni, ayah advise makan 1000mg sbb the normal adult intake of Vitamin C is 500 mg.. Tapi rase takut overdose la pulak.. Ha ha. So selagi I don't have the same symptom cam mase kecik dulu, I'll stick with the 500mg Vitamin C. A good supplement for everyone pun nowadays, cuz Vitamin C helps us to stay healthy.. Prevents kite dari general flu and fever.. I suggest everyone take Vitamin C as supplement, sbb slalunye our food ni memang kurang sket vitamin. =)

1 more thing that I inherit from my dad (apart from the same sensitive skin & stomach =p) is once-in-a-while cramp at legs that once occured, will occur quite frequently after that. Slalunye will occur time tgh tdo, or time mandi.. Sbb slalunye time tu sejuk.. Ayah believe that it might be due to low intake of salts and lack of stretching activities.. When I googled, his points are right.. But it could be a symptom of other disease as well. So, the safest is to ask a doctor and to do a thorough health check (which Ayah had avised a long time ago, tapi asyik tangguh2 je =p). Takut kalau kite assume and try to ubat sendiri, jadi sakit lain lak. A reminder to all yg having the same symptom gak. ;)

Okay, I guess that's it for this post. Hope everyone is doing their best to live a healthy life. =)